Tuesday 3 March 2020

2020 beginnings

We are already into week 6 of term 1 and I haven't got near this up to this point, so I feel I need to do some catch ups.

It has been a crazy manic start, but when isn't it? I had six field trips to get sorted, which seems to get more complicated annually. I understand this is for the students' safety, but it can detract from the fun of getting out and doing science in the wild as it were...

This year has seen me picking up half a year 9 class (not that I wanted them, but they are actually really cute!), a year 10 science class, an 11 Forensics and Marine science class (I've never taught this particular course before, but am finding it fun), and a combined Level 2 & 3 Earth and Space Science class. This is proving tricky to run both courses at the same time, as the content doesn't totally cross over. The rest of my time is divided between upskilling students and staff in digital learning and teaching (my Google time) and working as a COL in-school facilitator looking at pushing STEAM across the school, and continuing as a Kokiri leader (see earlier posts for more about this).

Image result for steamThe COL job has been a bit of a slow starter as we don't really know where to start or what we are actually supposed to be doing. We are starting to get some traction now, but it is quite vague. Part of where we need to be looking is at the integration of the Digital Curriculum which became compulsory in years 1 - 10 in all NZ schools in January. Most of our staff have no idea what this means - a lot of work for us, I feel, in some cases.
And those field trips? Paperwork all done, one snorkeling trip to Reotahi marine reserve done, one y12 ESS trip to Kawiti Caves done, one more y12 trip tomorrow, snorkeling at Goat Island next week and two y13 ESS trips the week after. Who says teaching is boring?

Pic of students working hard on their marine survey.

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