Thursday 8 August 2019

Priority Drive folder

This arrived just this week in my Drive (only on Domains, not Gmail accounts). It just appeared, so I thought it must be time to have a play, and I have to say, so far I rather like it.

The usual prioritised documents that Drive things one might like are still there (the one feature I am not keen on; normally I have this off in the options) but now there are workspaces which you can add document and files from Drive to. This to me is the game changer. I have always had fun in making sure documents I accessed often were close at hand. This includes starring them in Drive, but I end up with so many starred documents it can take a while to sort through them all. Searching in Drive is good, but not always easy when you can't quite remember the file name. Often I bookmark documents etc that I want to get to, but again, this can get unwieldy when there are a few docs, especially as I like to remove most names and just leave icons.

As can be seen, I have created workspaces for all of my classes and also admin and digital learning stuff- basically all of the documents I know I will need daily or every other day are in specific workspaces. I can add and remove documents, it even gives the option of using the standard Drive file picker with Recent meaning I can quickly and easily add those to the space I have in mind for them. My junior unit outlines are there and ready to go, and when we complete the unit, I can remove the old and insert the new.

 It might not be a big update from some points of view, but I can see this speeding up my workflow! If you have not got it yet, and you are on the latest version of Chrome, it is coming, jut need to be patient as with any Google release.

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