Friday 19 January 2024

A social dilemma

I am in a quandry. I am not a great fan of most social media, but feel I need to air my thoughts on here. My favourite of all time was Google+ (or G+, then Currents as it became). I was connected to so many cool educators and we talked about awesome stuff. Then Google killed it, with no alternative to turn to.I have had a Twitter account for 12 years, with thousands of interactions. I killed it because Elon is a dick, and I can't get behind anything he does, ever. The trolls, racists and Trumpists broke it. It became a cesspit of the worst types of people. I checked earlier out of curiosity; my account is dead and gone. No chance of resurrection so I am walking away from it completely. I feel mildly bereft that so many cool interactions in both of these platforms are gone forever.I use Facebook, but keep it very private. Not a useful place to connect although it does have times when it is useful. Not a big fan though, and I find plenty I don't like. Instagram - not a place for decent social interaction. Likewise Threads. It started with promise but is full of crap. The diaspora have spread.Mastodon feels like I am shouting into the void and there is not even an echo. Ghost town would be an understatement. Bluesky is a bit exclusive as it is invite only at the moment. Starting to gain some traction among educators though, so it is showing a little (slow-moving) promise. I will be focusing a little more on building this one.I am using LinkedIn a bit more, it seems to be reasonably OK in terms of the people I connect with, but we don't have fabulous discussions like I had on G+ and Twitter/X. Has the world moved on and left me feeling more anti-social media? Or have I moved on? We'll have to see what happens a year from now if any of these other sites gains traction. It's a shame to have to leave good channels of communication behind.If anyone has ny better suggestions for places to connect with likeminded souls, hit me with them!

*SIGH* I'm now bored of Insta, Threads etc. I am sticking to Mastodon and BluSky as well as my Facebook...