Sunday 26 June 2011

Living with diabetes

I have now had diabetes for 3 months (diagnosed anyway) and have been wondering if my life has really changed. I am certainly more concerned about my health more now, something that apparently happens when you hit 38/39. Well there you go, bang on the money.
My weight needs to come down, as does my blood pressure and sugar levels, and suddenly the doctor knows about me when previously I never went.
I seem to be down a bit more lately, again not unconnected. But then there are money worries, arguments as a result of money worries, overworking worries, masters worries and so on. Also there is the question of the little lovely stray cat who has come to live temporarily with us. She is gorgeous and has a bad eye. I've fallen for her, but know we can't keep her. We can't afford to. We already have three including two kittens.
I guess I am also at that point in life when you start to have a look at where you are going, and while I have done loads and achieved so much, I still feel something is missing, although I don't know what.
At the moment I feel like everything is just getting me down and it scares me a bit. I am normally quite optimistic, but this seems to be slipping. Putting my thoughts down is going to be my way of recording and dealing with things, so it will act as a diary for me at any rate. Whether anyone else reads this or cares, I am not bothered, although if you are passing say hello!
Om shanti, shanti, shanti.