Wednesday 23 March 2016

MindLab first couple of weeks March 2016

I have been interested in the MindLab course for quite a while now; it never hurts to keep learning. Having said that, it is another workload that I have inflicted upon myself while still teaching full time. I must be mad...

I like the idea of being challenged, and what I learn should hopefully be transferable to my classes, despite our serious lack of reliable devices my classes have access to. I have already stepped right out of my comfort zone and created Microsoft Class Notebooks for all of my classes and used it for a collaborative task with 2 Y10 Science classes. I have never been a Microsoft fan and this has challenged me to learn (very quickly it would seem) how OneDrive etc works. Surprisingly, I am finding I am actually enjoying it...

This is going to be an interesting year... Hopefully I will be updating this often enough to be able to reflect on my learning and influence my teaching practice!

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