Tuesday 21 May 2019

Feeling Energised!

On 4th May 2019, I attended the Google Certified Innovator Energiser at Google’s offices in Sydney (photos below…) I reconnected with a lot of people who are important to me and made some new connections too. I look forward to seeing what this cohort do from here; there are some very driven graduands and I wish them well!
I have been a GCI since 2013 (SYD), and this was the first Energiser I had attended.
I have come away feeling re-Energised with the commitment to start getting my stuff out there more (coming as a result of hearing the latest projects from the graduating cohort of 2019). Part of this is making a commitment to actually really get going with my blog, PROPERLY, not just every now and then. I am going to aim for one post per month to start with, and am looking at relocating my website content into this platform instead, so I am not using a static platform for my work. I am also working on creating a How-To website for the students, teachers and whānau of my school that has a heap of hints and tips for doing things digitally – trying to upskill the school community.

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