Thursday 18 June 2015

Bookmark blues

I have a love / hate relationship with bookmarking. I love to bookmark pages to look at later, but I hate most bookmarking services that I have tried.

I'll start from the beginning. Google bookmarks (old style). Great, easy to use on one device and with one account. I made the mistake of putting some of the bookmarks in the Other Bookmarks folder. Then I found that when you use multiple devices and they sync, the bookmarks and folders get duplicated beyond funny.

I thought I would use the same bookmarks for my school domain as well, so I can get to the stuff I have bookmarked. To share it, I used (and still use Xmarks). This is the closest thing to a good way to manage all of the thousands of bookmarks I have.
The downside though, is that I need to remember to sync constantly across devices and accounts to make sure I get all of them where I need them (I may be using this wrong, need to check this out).

Diigo - I thought this might be the answer, but it started to get clunky with so many bookmarks. Also, I don't really like it, just my personal opinion.

Then there is the new Google Bookmarks / Stars. Oh dear. I thought this would be great, I even made sure I had all of the settings in Flags to get this as soon as possible. Since then, I have reset all the flags I can find, and still can't get my domain back to the old way. I really hate the new bookmarks.

I need something that is going to make my bookmarking life easier, that works across ALL my devices - Windows, Chrome OS and Android. Do you have any suggestions??