Monday 5 July 2021

Digital hoarder

 Hi, my name is Nick and I am a digital hoarder. There, I've taken step one.

From the WSJ

I stopped to take stock of my digital 'stuff' recently and came to the conclusion I have way too many links, bookmarks, saved pages etc than I can ever get through. Just a quick stocktake - I have several thousand bookmarks across my personal and work accounts for a starter.

Then there are the saved pages on Facebook, the likes on Twitter and a few saved posts from Instagram (the least of my 'stashes') that I need to actually go through and look at. I never got into Pocket or Pinterest, so no issues there. I do have over a thousand saved items on my Wakelet account, though but I am working on making these tidier. Another issue is using OneTab to minimise everything. I then save these hoards of additional links as yet another bookmark. 

I know this is ridiculous; I can never get through all of these, without taking a lot of leave and hiding away to read everything. I also know that most of it is probably no longer relevant; after all, if I have not used it recently, then I probably won't use it. I do organise bookmarks etc into folders, supposedly by class and subject, but then I don't use them properly. I am trying to get everything into Wakelet, organised into Spaces and then these can be used as a class website (also allows whanau to connect with what is going on in my classes). If you have never used Wakelet before, it has been described as Pinterest on steroids. It has a myriad of uses and functions and is a very useful tool. If you want a more detailed description of some of the superpowers this tool has, check out this awesome blog post by @pdubyatech 

Maybe I just need to take the time off and hide away to get everything organised... My body certainly feels like this is the best option!