Wednesday 18 February 2015

Can you Diig it?

Not sure what has happened to me, this is the second blog post in a very short space of time, it must be the excitement I am feeling this year!

OK, back to the musically titled blog posts (with apologies to the Mock Turtles...)

Some of this excitement has come from finally taking the advice of +Fiona Grant and using Diigo more. I can hear people out there saying "I've been using that for ages, why the excitement? Silly man..." and yes, I might be late to the party, but I have taken the time to sit down and use this a bit.

An issue I have had for a while has been Google's bookmark system and synchronisation. In a word, painful. How many times did I sync bookmarks only to find all of my bookmarks (about 2000+!) duplicated, sometimes several times over. Sorting this mess out was time-consuming and more than a little exasperating (it happened quite a few times too). The problem occurred from creating folders for the bookmarks. The solution I found was to only create bookmarks and folders in the bookmarks bar directly. However, how to sync between home and work accounts?

I started by using Xmarks, which is great, but takes some time to synch and occasionally hiccups and restores a version of the bookmarks that had already been changed (probably more operator error than anything else!)
Then I found Diigo. I can store all of my bookmarked sites in my library, which is tagged and fully searchable, accessible on all devices and the service I have chosen (at the moment) is free. I say at the moment as I can see the benefit of paying for additional services.

My only problem now though, over 2500 sites already bookmarked via Xmarks and Google, which means I have to open them all and put them into Diigo... 

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