Monday 5 November 2012

Seven months on...

Good grief. Is it really March since I created a post here?
Well, what has happened this year?
Deploying the netbooks at Tamaki College has given me a huge amount of work to do, with all of the resultant issues. I have learned a huge amount about networks, programming, repairs and how to manage students in getting the best out of their new learning tool. And that is before we have to do anything with the staff.
Most of our teachers are now using Google sites, docs, forms and know how to share these items with their students. Some of the staff have done some incredible things now and their sites etc can be found at and most are open for people outside of our domain to view.
So, other things we have done: a hui for all of the concerned parties about the Manaiakalani project, presentations at several subject conferences, several attendees went to the NZ Google Apps for Education (GAFE) summit at the Albany Senior High School Campuses and further improved their skills. Many of us now feel closer to Google ninja-ism (is that a word??). We also had the opportunity to present at Ulearn 2012 at Sky City, which saw us actually presenting at the ACG Senior College.
As well as this, we have hosted many other schools, principals and teachers who have been keen to see how we are implementing the programme.
This is all as well as being a 0.5 science teacher and writing a Masters dissertation. I feel ready to say goodbye to our seniors very shortly...
I aim to try and post to this blog once in a while, but more often than every 7 months so that will have to be a  new target for me! Having said that, there have been no comments at all on here, so I'm not sure if anyone even reads it. Am I wasting my time???

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