GSuite Tips

🥰LOVE🥰 GSuite and share tooltips etc on this page.

Google Dropbox

  • For larger than normal files, allowing you to bypass any sharing limits. This means you can have others add any files straight into your Drive like you can with Dropbox.
  • Go to
  • It is read-only, so click File, Make a Copy.
  • Change the name in Line 12 from “Work Collector” to whatever you want.
  • From the Run menu, choose doGet and authorize
  • Go to the Publish menu and choose Deploy as Web App, Save New Version, Anyone, even anonymous from the drop-down menu.
  • Click deploy.

Google Sites

  • If you need help with anything for a Google site, head to for expert advice!
  • Create a custom header for your site by using a Google Drawing, dimensions are 150 x 800 for the best fit.

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